Monday, January 02, 2017

Hello 2017

I feel like this should be started again. but properly. I don't know. the game seems dead but recently I've been feeling the need to do something and this feels right, finish what I started? it's been a good 2 years. The old methods I had used. cruddy. stupid. insane. I cringe looking at all this old work. I would love to revisit this game if anyone would like to join me. Hit me up.

I have no assets. no engines. no nothing, those are all gone. I don't know if i'm getting ahead of myself as I have previously tried to redo this game numerous times to no result. I look forward to reading any emails that may come through. I need a project and I feel like this is only right. 


p.s. any of the old maneframe people are welcome to contact me. 
p.p.s My dog is bigger and I also have another dog now
p.p.p.s I am not a brony any more and I have not watched the show in over a year.